Skilled Administrative Support Professional with 10 Years of Experience

Aida Farough, PhD is the principal of Superior Consulting, LLC. She earned a PhD from Virginia Tech in Geosciences in 2015. Aida has served as a faculty in various higher education institutions. 


Aida’s research specialty is in marine geology and geophysics. She has spent 3 months at sea on various scientific expeditions and has even been on a submarine dive to the bottom of the Pacific Ocean on HOV Alvin!

Aida brings her contagious enthusiasm and multifaceted, versatile and diversified skills and expertise to the private sector to improve your business efficiency and outreach.

Dr. Aida Farough is part of the Physical Properties team aboard Expedition 376. She is interested in how fluid flows through the hydrothermal system of Brothers volcano far below.

A presentation for online teachers on using Ted educational resources in courses to engage students more

The Augmented Reality Sandbox, is a cutting edge educational instrument that uses a unique combination of sand & sensors. AR Sandbox projects an augmented micro-reality at your fingertips, and can be used to learn & teach topography, natural sciences and watersheds using TopoBox.

Knowledge, Collaboration, and Enthusiasm 

I am very impressed with your knowledge, collaboration and enthusiasm, whether it be in academia, consulting or wherever, you have what it takes.



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