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We collaborate with our clients on a diverse array of projects and provide them with tailor-made consulting services. A number of our services are listed below. This list is not comprehensive - contact us to learn about how we can help you with your unique project.

Geological Consulting


Our Work

We are experienced in executing projects in various industries. Browse some of our work below. 

Deep Sea Tourism

The Superior Consulting team is actively exploring deep sea tourism offerings. We hope to soon offer broad, commercialized deep sea tourism programs.

Geological Consulting

Correlation of Elastic Moduli and Serpentine Content

Our team is skilled in geological and environmental consulting, such as analysis for presence of natural resources like economic ores, fossil fuels and renewable energy. Read Dr. Aida Farough's research on the Correlation of Elastic Moduli and Serpentine Content in Ultramafic Rocks here. 

Investigating 3D Fluid Circulation at Brothers Volcano 


Dr. Farough served as a member of the scientific party of IODP expedition 376: Brothers Arc Flux.

Video from the JOIDES Resolution (YouTube)

Marine Geology Consulting

Our team has extensive experience in marine data collection and modeling deep-sea processes, with various scientific conferences and journal publications. We can help perform a scientific analysis of deep sea processes and also educate the general public about the importance of such processes. Our expertise is in seafloor hydrothermal processes, serpentinization of the oceanic crust, and climate change's impact on the marine ecosystem.

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